Christmas tree 2013

I love my Christmas tree. It’s fake, and I miss real ones, but it’s nice to have a worry free and relatively easy way to decorate for Christmas. And, even after doing a major sort and “purge”, I have a lot of really fantastic ornaments: ones from my childhood and newer ones I’ve purchased myself (I didn’t really get rid of them, I just put them away to be passed on to my niece and her soon-to-be sibling).

I tend to put up my tree pretty early (December 1st, if possible, though it was late getting decorated this year as I had a terrible cold) and leave it up until shortly after my birthday (early January). I don’t do many other decorations, though I want to find a few more things and put up some lights around my apartment next year, I just haven’t figured out exactly what I want, yet. All I know if that my Calgary friends put me to shame and inspire me with all their lovely decorating ideas.

This year, I continued my new-ish tradition of buying myself a cool new ornament, except that, like usual, I bought more than one thing.

I found this gorgeous glittery owl at the Royal Alberta Museum.


I also found this beautiful votive holder at the museum. It’s supposed to be a Christmas decoration, but I’m considering leaving it out year round. Except that maybe it might be nice keeping it for Christmas only. I’m undecided.

Bought this at the #RoyalAlbertaMuseum last week. I keep doing to admire it because it's so gorgeous.

Back in October, I bought this sweet ornament from a small store full of German imports in Kimberly, BC (during the “girl’s weekend” we had).

Christmas tree

Of course, I still don’t have a tree topper, but maybe I might actually get around to doing something about that this year by making something. Or, maybe not: I keep claiming I’m going to, but then get distracted!

Maybe I should finally get around to making a tree topper and tree skirt this year :/  #christmas

And, here are a few more pictures:

Definitely need a tree shirt and tree topper! #christmas

Finally decorated my tree with my very eclectic collection of ornaments #christmas



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