Safari Quilt

My co-worker and unofficial gym cheer leader had a baby before Christmas (9.9 freaking pounds!) and I offered to make her a baby quilt. A lot of people think that you should surprise the mom-to-be with a quilt, but I know her well enough to know that she likes things to be well decorated, etc. but not well enough to have seen the nursery in person. So, I decided that it was better to let her be a part of the planning.

I have a great little book by Aimee Ray, Doodle Stitching: Embroidery & Beyond: Crewel, Cross Stitch, Sashiko & More, and it has a really lovely simple quilt with forest animals, trees, and such cross stitched on some of the blocks. I really wanted to use this pattern, but the animals were all wrong: my co-worker was doing a safari-esque theme, and these were temperate forest species. So, I sat down one night and played with making some safari animal cross stitch charts: a hippo, monkey, crocodile (or, possibly alligator), giraffe, tiger, and lion. I used these patterns to replace most of the forest animals, but kept the birds, trees, leaves, etc.

This is the final product.

Safari quilt front

Here are the animals I designed.






Alligator ... or, possibly crocodile


This quilt involved stitching with waste canvas. I found it relatively easy to use, but had some difficulty keeping my crosses even (as evident with some of the wonky stitching). It’s definitely something that needs to be done with care. It makes a grid to follow, but you have to be careful to hit the same point of the grid each time (I aimed for the center of each grid block), which is sparingly difficult when you’re up late stitching.

My next baby quilt will be one for my niece or nephew (gender unknown as the parents like the element of surprise). It’s due mid-January, so I need to start working on it soon, I just haven’t decided exactly what I’ll do. My sister-in-law thought a bunting style quilt (with a rainbow of fabrics) would be nice, but now we’re discussing other possibilities, as well as postponing the quilt until we know the gender and nursery colours. Which means that I get to finish up a few personal projects and get working on finishing something I promised a friend AGES ago.


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