2014 SAL iStitch Sew Advent Band Sampler

This year, I was going to join iStitch‘s Sew Advent Band Sampler SAL (Stitch-along). But, the mail gods had it out for me and Canada Post has decided that the package of hand spun threads I ordered from Dragonflylotus Designs Handspun Thread is … I dunno … a security risk? Are handspun things suddenly something that need to be held and examined at customs? It’s wool, people! Nothing more. Send the damned package, please.

All I know is that the package was checked in and rated as “international ready” on December 6th, but it still hasn’t made it to my mailbox. So, I wasn’t able to join the SAL. Liz, who also wanted to do it, was too busy. So, we got chatting and decided to do it over the next year.

It’s a simple band sampler, which both a basic and a specialty stitch option. It includes the alphabet, reindeer, and other pretty designs (other than the word “advent” it’s pretty secular, if you’re like me and not terrible religious). Carol, from iStitch, ran it over 24 days. We’re doing it over a year, so there’s no pressure to get loads done (though, you could easily just plow through if you wanted to). Liz talks a bit about it and her thread choices on her blog.

I can’t for the life of me remember which fabric I decided to use, but if Canada post ever decides to let me have my threads from Liz, the plan is to use the petite version of the following: Woodlands Mushroom,  Woodlands Evergreen, and Drucilla. The fabric I picked is as close a match to Liz’s Woodlands Rabbit as I could find at my local cross stitch supply store. I guess I should probably pull that fabric out before I accidentally use it for something else, eh!

You should join us! It will be an easy and relaxed SAL that can be fit in among all the other things you want to do and it will be done in time for a Christmas decoration or gift (I already think I know who I want to give mine to!).  You can follow along with me or head straight to Liz’s blog. The chart can be purchased for a very reasonable price (just $12 USD) on iStitch’s blog. And, if you’re new to cross stitch, I reviewed the charts and I think this would be a great introduction as it’s pretty simple (even the specialty stitch options aren’t too scary).

If you do join us, let Liz know by commenting on her blog – that way, we can follow participants (if they have a blog, Flickr account, etc.) and keep in touch :)


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