Books = bribes

I spent a lot of my reading time over the past few months focusing on reading non-fiction (mostly about health and fitness), so I’ve been really enjoying reading some good old fashioned fiction and a variety of graphic novels lately.

On the graphic novel front, the most notable ones have been from a great collection of graphic novel anthologies from Cloudscape Comics, including 21 Journeys and Waterlogged. I have a few more from them to read, but they’re digital and I have a terrible habit of forgetting about my digital books :)

Another great read was the final in the Sweet Tooth series by Jeff Lemire. It’s a suspenseful and different take on an apocalypse story. I have to admit that I sometimes really dislike stories that are scary and suspenseful. The kind of scary with monsters is fine (*in graphic novels – I *never* watch scary movies!). The monsters fascinate me. I love the imagination behind their design, their history, and their motives. But, the scary in Sweet Tooth is based on how awful people can be, especially in hard times. The evil of people freaks me out and makes me very anxious, so there were times while reading the series that were hard for me to cope with, but the overall story was fantastic.

I also read Jeff Lemire’s graphic novel The Nobody. His graphic novels are all really fabulous. I think that The Underwater Welder is my absolute favourite.

This weekend I finally got around to checking out Arthur C. Clark‘s Rendezvous with Rama. Someone recommended it to me ages ago. It’s fabulous. It’s a fascinating story, the descriptions of Rama are memorizing, the focus moves seamlessly from character to character, and I can’t wait to find out what happens next. It’s so good that I’m using it as a bribe to make myself run an errand that involves me leaving my nice warm apartment and venturing out in the slippery, snowy, cold: if I run the errand, I can continue listening to it (yes, listening – audiobooks are crucial for readers who like to do things like cross stitch and sew).

Books rule!

Every book is a Tardis

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