WIP: Christmas Stitch Along

As mentioned the other day, I’m participating in Carina’s Christmas Stitch Along.

As of this weekend, I’m all caught up!

I’m really enjoying playing with different stitches. For each pattern, I try to stick with just 2-3 colours and at least one “fancy” stitch. My definition of “fancy” is pretty broad and really just means at least one stitch that *isn’t* my usual back stitch. For some, that meant nothing more then adding a bit of stem stitching, but I also did french knots, the easy version of chain stitch (which I hadn’t tried until now) and I played a lot with the blanket stitch (my favourite is with the dots on the mushrooms – see below). I can’t wait to see what this week’s patterns are!

It's supposed to be mince pie, but I prefer something like raspberry pie, so I did it in red. #xmasstitchalong #embroidery

For the presents, I started by doing one present in yellow, but decided that I didn’t like it, so I took it out and did both in red and green.
I did this with one green and one yellow present (top right), but decided that I needed to stick with just green with red ribbon. Used blanket stitch for a bit of detail. #xmasstitchalong #embroidery

I didn’t do the carrot nose because I didn’t want to add another colour.
Snow dude. I didn't do the carrot noise because I didn't feel like adding a fourth colour to the mix. #xmasstitchalong #embroidery

Christmas bauble #xmasstitchalong #embroidery

Mushroom. And, with this, I'm all caught up with the #xmasstitchalong and ready for new patterns. #embroidery

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