Two lists this week, because I got behind.

First: Things My Younger Self Would Like About My Older Self

List: things my younger self would like about current me #lists

  1. My very interesting, diverse and intelligent friends.
  2. The fact that I’m [embraced] an “old lady” past time/craft (cross stitch) and have fun with it.
  3. My flawed but growing confidence
  4. The fact that I’m un-apologetically fine/happy with being single.
  5. The fact the I’m my own person and not what others expected of me.

Second: Favourite Time Wasters

List: favourite time wasters #lists

  1. Cross stitch
  2. Embroidery
  3. Listening to music while puttering around pretending to do useful things
  4. Re-watching all my favourite Brit Coms and movies while cross stitching, etc.
  5. Looking for cool charts/patterns or pieces of  art/craft, specifically things that are cross stitch, embroidery, etc.
  6. Re-writing lists so that they are neater.
  7. Being outside in nature.

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