Embroidery love

I just wanted to share a few really fantastic embroidered pieces I’ve found on Flickr recently.

First up is “Full Fathom Five” by Bridgeen Gillespie of  Cherry & Cinnamon.

Full Fathom Five with jewels

Bridgeen is a very talented artist and I love pretty much everything she does. She’s also one of the brains behind and organizers of the Illustration Stitch-Along, which I participated in when it started, but haven’t had time to participate in since. One of her more recent pieces is from the Illustration SAL: a really lovely embroidered tribute to illustrator and children’s book writer Maurice SendakUpdate: Bridgeen wrote a blog post about the piece above.

Next is an untitled embroidered piece by Anne Laing.


She’s done a number of lovely embroidered pieces like this, and they’re always quite stunning.

Then there’s “tiny ship” by Sophie Tomlinson, of Threadhead.

tiny ship (3 inches across)

I first discovered her when she participated in the first Illustration SAL challenge, where the focus was on Edward Gorey. She did a lovely embroidered piece (a pillow case) featuring one of Gorey’s skull-headed children.

Last, but not least, an embroidered quilt block, Solstice Quilt Block by Pam Harris, of Gingerbread Snowflakes.

Solstice Quilt Block COMPLETED

I found this piece on Flickr by accident, but she has a number of lovely embroidered pieces, including this lovely floral heart and this stunning butterfly.

I’m always finding lots of great pieces on Flickr. You can follow my rather eclectic collection of favourites here.


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