Girl’s Weekend, Part 3 – Weekend of fun and relaxation

Earlier this month, I headed down to Calgary to join my gal pals (family and friends fo the family … who are kind of like family at this point) for a weekend getaway at Moyie Lake, BC. The rules were: no kids, no pets, no men, eat lots. Actually, I don’t know if that last one was a rule, but I did it anyway.

So far I’ve posted about the car ride there and a little about Frank’s Slide. Today, it’s all about the weekend spent with a lot of pretty fantastic women. Some of them were new to me, but most fo them were part of the fabulous extended family I inherited when I moved to Alberta (my uncle and his family live in Calgary, and I met the others through them).

A lot of us stayed in one trailer and bunkie (the rest were in their own trailers), so it was pretty cozy with lots of accusations of snoring (for the record, we *all* snore at least a little). There were three main activities: going for walks, playing board games, and chatting by the campfire. All of these were done with snacks and/or wine in hand, because we know how to do a proper weekend getaway. I did a little bit of everything, because that’s how I role. I also took a ridiculous number of pictures.

The weather was fantastic (chilly, but warm enough to manage with a warm sweater and scarf, so long as you were cozied up by the fire or taking a wee stroll around the camp ground. Or, around town – we made a little trip to Kimberley, where they just so happened to be celebrating Oktoberfest. I bought one of the most delicious gingersnap cookies I have ever eaten, a new Christmas tree ornament, and some fabulous earrings.

The conversations were great – the perfect mix of silliness and seriousness. It was actually pretty fantastic. I don’t get to engage in unabashed, let-it-all-hang-out girl talk very often because I haven’t put much effort into making a lot of new friends in Edmonton and these were all gals that I’m more then happy to get to know just a little bit more. We talked about everything from the weather to boys to kids to the tragedy of spilling wine.

One of the things I love about my cousin and the people we were staying with is their love of board and card games. I’m not particularly good at any of the games (typically coming in near last), but I still love a good game. I didn’t play many this weekend, but I didn’t do half bad in Balderdash (thank you science degree!).

Even now, several weeks later, I’m still giddy with excitement about next year’s Girl’s Weekend.

Sun on the lake

Snacks and Scrabble

Hiking trail



Red foliage


Sun and trees

Railroad track


Epic fruit salad


Monster rocks


2 thoughts on “Girl’s Weekend, Part 3 – Weekend of fun and relaxation

  1. Love, love, love!! Both the blog posts and our fabulous girls weekend. You captured it all beautifully, with your words and photos. The wasp one is awesome….was waiting to see how that turned out!!


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