Girl’s Weekend, Part 1 – To and fro

Earlier this month, I headed down to Calgary to join my gal pals (family and friends of the family … who are kind of like family at this point) for a weekend getaway at Moyie Lake, BC. The rules were: no kids, no pets, no men, eat lots. Actually, I don’t know if that last one was a rule, but I did it anyway.

The weekend was fabulous, but so was the trip to and from. The drive between Edmonton and Calgary is pretty boring. I was fascinated by the flatness the first time I made the trip, over 7 years ago, but now I tend to tune out.

The trip between Calgary and Moyie Lake is a whole other kettle of fish. Once we past the most southern edge of Calgary, it was all gorgeous yellow fields (some hayed, some with cows or horses) stretching out over hilly terrain with a backdrop of majestic mountains. Once we turned down the Bar U turn off, I was stuck in a perpetual state of trying to drink every inch in and periodically taking random photos (yes, from a moving car). The views got better and better as we moved into the mountains. The fall foliage and snowcapped mountains are fantastic.

I didn’t take as many pictures on the way back. Instead, I just tried to enjoy the view.

From the car:  Mountains
Look at these mountains! Pure beauty!

From the car:  Mountains and marsh

From the car:  Mountains

From the car: Mountains

From the car: Mountains
Flat and treeless used to sound yucky to me, but then I realized that it means you can see the mountains from a distance :)

2 thoughts on “Girl’s Weekend, Part 1 – To and fro”

  1. I was born in Newfounland, raised in Alberta and now live in BC. I prefer farmland to trees. I’d take a tropical ocean over either of those. The mountains are nice, but there’s something very oppressive about trees that go on for hundreds and hundres of kilometers. So I definitely appreciate those photos.


    1. I like the idea if forests, but now that I think about it, I agree that forests can be oppressive.

      People are always surprised to hear this, but I have little interest in tropical locations, even if it is a beach. I’d trade everything in to live on a temperate coast. Back home (NS) or BC would suit me just fine.


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