Julie of button, button is doing a year of samplers. Her first two samplers used huck weaving (which is something I’ve been meaning to try) and french knots. This month she’s doing darning and boy do I regret not having time to add an extra project to my list of things to do. I knew darning existed and could be used for decorative stitching, but I hadn’t really look into to learn more about it. After seeing her introductory post and browsing her darning samplers Pinterest board, I’m in love. Darning is gorgeous!

Antique Dutch Darning Sampler (click image to see more examples)

The above is my favourite of all the samplers she pinned.

She’s started working on her sampler and it’s already gorgeous, despite being relatively simple patterns (compared to some of the ones above, anyway).

Pattern Darning Sampler - first stitches!

Pattern Darning Sampler – first stitches! by Julie of button, button

If you’re looking to learn new stitches and techniques, you should consider joining her for at least a few of her samplers. She provides basic instructions, encouragement, and examples of what you can do with the stitch/technique you’re learning. And, even if you don’t have time to join her, you should check out her blog.

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