J is for …

I am participating in the Year of Specialty Stitches Stitch Along, hosted by Dragonflylotus Design Handspun Thread.

I started the 2013 Year of Specialty Stitches alphabet sampler chart ages ago, but I got a bit ahead of the schedule, so I decided to put it down for a little while (here’s a & b and c to i). Well, that “little while” turned into several months and suddenly I realized that I should probably get back on board and finish the piece. I took it with me on my vacation (so, now it smells a bit like campfire, despite the fact that I sat well away from the fire), and didn’t get very much done, but at least I got it started.

Then, one night while watching movies and trying to pretend like I wasn’t super annoyed by not having any internet), I worked on J. J is for the Jessica stitch. It’s also for J*@%$ and J$*!&# (otherwise know as completely made up swear words starting with J).

This stitch was a pain in the neck on so many levels. First, it was a bit of a pain to figure out. But, I took it slow and soon found the pattern and motered along. It was also a bit of a pain to do, especially when you have to fight to get up through the correct hole, which is more and more difficult as you progress).

This stitch (the light blue circles, called the Jessica stitch) nearly had me in a rage last night. And, then I discovered that I'd started in the wrong place. Chocolate happened, and I did finish the block. #crossstitch #sal

Then, I relized that I started the first one too low, so I had to take out two. It was a pain to stitch. It was even more of a pain to unstitch. Argh!

But, I percevered and finished the block. The stitch looks really cool, but, om my god, I thought I was going to through things. Chocolate happened. It kept me going.

This stitch (light blue, called the Jessica stitch) looks good, but, it was a bitch to do! #crossstitch #sal

I would like to say that I will never do that stitch again, but, like I said, it looks really cool. I think that it would be easier on a looser weave of linen.


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