List: What’s new so far this year?

I really like making lists, following prompts, and all that sort of stuff, but I get a little overwhelmed with daily prompts (I’m still amazed that I survived last years month long photo a day challenge). The problem is that I have an obsession with getting ti right (“perfect”) all the time. This has always been an impedement to me with any thing that I try for the first time or anything that requires long term or daily commitments. The thing is, these types of things can just be for fun or for adding a little inspiration to your day/week/month.

Liz (who makes the handspun threads I’m obsessed with) started doing a list a day challenge last month, but life happened. This week, she started it again, but will be doing a list a week. I’ve decided to join her (or, perhaps “copy” is the most appropriate word). When she posts hers, I will follow up with by posting my own.

Here’s the first one: What’s new so far this year?

I decided to do my own list based on one @spunthread posted on her blog.

In case you can’t read the list (which is likely as my writing is messy and the picture is blurry), here’s my list:

  1. I bought a gym membership
  2. I work in a new office [with] a new team and a few new responsibilities
  3. Clothes shopping is no longer a thing to loath and despise. It’s just a major time suck.
  4. I can walk 10+km and feel great (although, tired) at the end.
  5. I’m starting to appreciate Edmonton.
  6. I found the perfect volunteer work & love it!

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