Pipestone Creek

I was out with EALT again, last weekend. This time we went to Pipestone Creek, which is at the North-West end of Coal Lake. We were installing signs to let people know where the restoration areas were (i.e., where the baby trees are) and that they aren’t allowed to use off-highway vehicles (snowmobiles, 4-wheelers, etc.). The property is open to the public for day use, as are all of the EALT properties. In order to maintain it and avoid further damage, only foot traffic is allowed.

The property isn’t huge, but there are a lot of really lovely views to stop and admire. It’s a beautiful area, even at this awkward time of year, when plants are dead or dying, but there’s still a lot of green around to make all the dead things look really pathetic.

My one regret is not taking more care when I took pictures. There was a blazing yellow sun that made a lot of the pictures I took look kind of crappy, which is too bad because there were some beautiful views overlooking the creek.

Blazing sun and thistle


Aspen grove

Autumn colours

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