September long weekend

Ah, September. Is it just me, or does September feel more like the new year than January does? Everyone is back to school, the weather starts to change (so it feels like a new season – unlike January, which is just more winter), and we get a nice little long weekend.

This year, I took a trip to Calgary to visit some of my favourite people. I went for a few walks, hung out with my aunt, ate beets, played with my canine cousins, read a couple graphic novels (The Kite Runner, and an old favourite, The Hobbit) and admired my uncle’s impressive garden. It was gloriously relaxing.

Walking along the Glenmore Reservoir trail.
Went for a little along the Glenmore Resevoir this morning

It’s not the ocean, but it’s still pretty nice and I enjoyed a little break, sitting next to the water for a while.
It's not the ocean, but the Glenmore Resevoir is pretty nice.

We went to the market with my cousin and friend, where I discovered purple peppers! We went back the next day to buy Taber (read: amazing!) corn and some Hutterite creamed honey (best honey at the market).
Post-market snack: purple pepper. Gorgeous and delicious! #CrossroadFarmersMarket

One of my canine cousins, Kira, is particularly brilliant (and persistent) when it comes to play time. She didn’t just drop the ball near me, she dropped it in the basket of beets I was picking, in the planter box I was taking pictures of … basically wherever it was most convenient for me.
Someone wants to play.

Beets and goat cheese. I ate this *every* night I was there and brought some home with me.
Beets with goat cheese for the third day in a row #yum

A friend gave me some Matryoshka measuring cups earlier this year, and I randomly found these matching measuring spoons in a pile of junk at Winner’s. Love them!
Awesome random shopping find: Matryoshka measuring spoons to go with the Matryoshka measuring cups a friend gave me.

2 thoughts on “September long weekend

  1. I so want a set of those Matryoshka measuring cups, but I’ve so far been too cheap to buy them for myself :D Maybe one day! The spoons are a great addition to the set.

    The photos in Calgary are lovely! It’s all brown and dying up at my end of town (where nobody takes care of their lawns at all).

    How was the purple pepper? It sort of freaks me out a little that it’s white on the inside instead of purple all the way through :D


    • Yeah, I’m not sure I would have paid for them myself (too cheap), but they were an awesome present and the spoons were only $6 (thank you, Winners!).

      I did notice that some parts of the city were looking a bit rough (and not because of the flood), but my uncle really loves to keep his place looking pretty nice.

      Thye pepper was good. It wasn’t as sweet as a green pepper (though close), but it was still lovely and crisp. I don’t know that I would go out of my way to buy them on a regular basis, but it’s a fun treat.


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