August long weekend trip

For the August long weekend I went to BC to visit with a friend and go white water rafting (which I will talk about in a separate post). The trip was loads of fun and the rafting was freaking amazing.

On my first day, we randomly went to Kelowna. We didn’t really do anything there: we wandered around the lake side a bit, we were stalked by a seagull, we went out for lunch, we went to the mall – it sounds boring, but it was a great day for catching up.

The the second day, we drove to Wells Grey Park. It’s a huge area with a tonne of water falls. We didn’t really plan the trip very well, so we just picked falls to visit as we drove through the park and didn’t do any of the hikes in to harder-to-reach falls, but the ones we saw were pretty amazing. I highly recommend going there if you ever find yourself in the area. My favourites were Helmcken Falls, which were stunning, and Bailey’s Chute, where we saw a couple of salmon trying to jump up the falls (they were fleeting glimpses, but it was still really impressive). We also, coincidently, kept missing the rain (we were conveniently driving each time it rained) – except at lunch, when we would have preferred to sit at a picnic table, but were stuck eating in the car. It was a lot of time sitting in a car, but the drive was scenic and the falls made all that time sitting worth our while.

Dirt road

Spahats Falls

Helmcken Falls


Bailey's Chute

Moss and lichens

Waiting for the rain to stop

4 thoughts on “August long weekend trip

  1. Looks like a great trip! I haven’t been out to Kelowna in years, but three people I know either online or in my off-line life have been in the last couple weeks – seems like a hint that I should go visit again soon.


    • It looks like a pretty nice place to visit, though the waterfront was mostly taken over by some “extreme something-or-other” event that we weren’t terribly interested in.


  2. Shame about the extreme whatever, but it looks like you got to do a bit of nice sightseeing in the area anyway. I love it up in the mountains when you get all the mist and fog and rain – looks so beautiful!


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