WIP: Architectures quilt

While I was in Ottawa in May, we made a pit stop at The Running Stitch, which is  quickly becoming one of my favourite quilting stores, despite being about 3,400km away. I found one last, lonely jellyroll of Architectures.

WIP: Architectures quilt

I know that I have complained in the past about how much I hate precuts, but I think the real problem is poorly cut precuts and not understanding how to deal with poorly cut fabric. Now that I have a few quilts under my belt and have learned to deal imperfectly cut fabric (even I can be a bit lazy about precision), I’m a little more willing to work with precuts – especially if I just want to whip out a quickie.

Tablets: useful for travel and keeping an image of your quilt layout handy, while you sew

So, I bought the jellyroll and a (generous) bit of extra yardage for the backing and binding. Back in June, I planned the quilt, sorted the strips and sewed the first set of 5 together. It’s been a few weeks, but yesterday I plowed through sewing the strips, cutting, organizing blocks, and piecing everything together.

WIP: Architectures quilt

I was rushing a bit, which was a mistake because I accidentally cut some blocks at the wrong length. I had planned to have just two block sizes – 10×10 and 10×20. My mistake left me with 10×10 and 10×15, so I took the left overs and added a third size, 10×5. Because of this, the quilt top is a bit busier than I had intended, but I still really like it.

WIP: Architectures quilt, backing and binding

I probably won’t finish the quilt for a few weeks, but when I do I plan to use the raspberry cross hatch fabric for the back, with a little bit of the navy hand writing and the last two blocks left over from the quilt top. I’ll then be using the navy-on-white terrain fabric for the binding. I’m thinking about either adding a small border with the terrain fabric or doing extra wide binding. I think that I need to lay it all out (and make sure I have enough of the fabric). Whatever I do, I love this quilt – it’s simple, the fabric is great, it will add a little more colour to my apartment, and it’s just about the perfect size for a lap quilt. Also, orange! People who know me while be impressed that I let something orange happen to my decor :)

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