Mourning the loss of my tulips

Yesterday, while tending to my few houseplants, I noticed that my tulips, a wee treat I bought for myself a few weeks ago, had aphids. Lots of aphids. Half of one of the three stalks was completely covered in aphids. There were so many that even I, usually fascinated by such things, wasn’t willing to take pictures. I have no idea where they came from, because they sure as hell weren’t there a few days ago. I just know that I did not want to deal with all my plants getting infested with them. Given the amount of aphids, I opted to take serious action, and instead of treating the plant to get rid of them, I wrapped it (well) in plastic, and threw it in the freezer. Sometime this week, I will throw out the plant and soil, and scrub the pot. But, in the meantime, I no longer have the lovely slow decay of my precious flowers to admire.







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