New sketch books and ink

My brother bought me a fountain pen a few years ago. I never use it as much as I should. I love it, I’m just hesitant to carry it to and from work and I’m paranoid about how the ink is water soluable (OMG, what if I spill water all over my sketch book?). But, I’ve been using it more and more and deciding that I (almost) don’t care if things are ruined with a little water. It’s the creative process that matters the most, and I don’t usually have the issue of spilling water all over my things.

One thing I have been struggling with is finding the perfect sketch book solution. Anything too big gets left at home. Anything too small is a pain. I need something for regular sketching, but would also like something for quilt and cross stitch pattern work (graph paper). I need to have something that’s easily transportable so that I actually take it with me and use it, instead of having multiples everywhere (which, for some reason, drives me nuts).

When I went looking for a new ink colour (I wanted something to celebrate the fact that spring had finally arrived), I found two sketchbooks that are smallish and fit together perfectly without making a giant bulky bundle. I was so excited that I bought them on the spot, even though I usually save up for such things (they’re good quality, so they weren’t cheap).

I love my new ink colour (it’s so gorgeous!) and I have a mental list of about half a dozen other colours I would love to have. I also love my new books. Yes, I do quilt project ideas in both, but I’m ok with that. Mostly, I just want to sketch rough ideas, but sometimes I want a grid to work with. I’m so happy with these that I’m actually copying ideas from a few mostly neglected books (which just a few pages of sketches in each) into the new sketch books so that I can have everything in one place.

New sketch books

Quilt design ideas

Project ideas

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