Virtues schirtues

I have a love hate relationship with things like cross stitch patterns based on virtues (faith, wisdom, etc.). On one hadn, they can sometimes be very cute. On the other hand, gag! It’s like pink frilly things: there’s nothing really wrong with them, but they make me roll my eyes while simultaneousy thinking, “Ooo, that one over there is darling!”

When Liz (Dragonflylotus Designs Handspun Threads) decided to do thread packs for the Little Sheep Virtues series by Little House Needleworks, I was torn. I wanted to roll my eyes, but at the same time I thought the first design (aside from the virtue) was lovely and I knew that it would look wonderful stitched in wool threads. It came up in conversation on Twitter, she joked that I could use the very word I used to describe virtues (“meh”), and I followed through because I thought it was a hilarious idea. So, forget “hope”, I’m all apathetic and crap, I guess. Meh!

That all said, I really do think that the Little Sheep Virtues designs are lovely. I love February’s (“love”) and intend to do it without any subversion. And, I keep checking back to see what the next month’s is (why haven’t they put May’s up yet!?!).

Also, I’m making mine into a wee pillow. I don’t know why. It seemed like a good idea. It won’t be the kind of thing people are allowed to use as a pillow, but I think it will be cute.

This was done using Liz’s “Hope” thread pack.

The nice thing about getting to work early is getting a bit of stitching done :)

Finished last night, but I forgot to share this wee peek at it. Meh! :)

One of the nice things about living in a dry climate and having a foam seated chair is that it's easy to stretch out a cross stitch piece over night.

4 thoughts on “Virtues schirtues

    • If I remember correctly, it’s just Lambwool Linen. A slightly darker colour (I think they recommend Chino and Liz used Cocoa for her samples – I can’t remember the respective brands) makes the white stitching stand out a bit better, but I had no luck finding Chino at the time and haven’t gone looking for Cocoa yet.


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