Two weeks ago

Two weeks ago, there was still ice on the river. Yesterday, it hit 30C (86F). Mind you, that’s very unusual for this time of year (the normal max is 17C).

The thing with spring in Edmonton is that it takes forever to start. We were lamenting the long winter just a week ago, while other places had been watching crocuses and daffodils bllom for weeks.

Anyway, in a desperate attempt to convince myself that it was already spring, I’ve been periodically taking the long way home along the river (sometimes even crossing the river until the next bridge). Two weeks ago, I ventured down a new road and discovered a park behind the Legislature building. I then wandered along the river, feeling cheerful about how much the ice was breaking up. It was a nice walk and it was nice to finally be out when it was warm enough to make you break out into a sweat.


Empty fountain

Totem pole

Ice on the river

Hidden oasis

Tree line and snow

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