My embroidery tool kit

Taking pictures of some of the embroidery / cross stitch tools I have at work (for lunch time projects).I’m relatively new to embroidery, and admittedly spend more time cross stitching, but I love needlework in general. It’s relaxing and gratifying. I have far more books about embroidery then I have time to deal with and I want to try just about every technique I’ve seen, so far. Sadly, I have a day job that steals all my embroidery time :) Of course, that day job means that I can have nice tools and enough multiples to spread around. This is a good thing, because I like to have several sets of tools: for work, for home, and for the few times a year when I travel. I generally try to only own what I need, but these are small things and it’s very handy not having to worry about carrying things around with me all the time or about having to replace things if I were to ever lose something.

At work, I only have a very small and basic kit: scissors, a threader and a few random needles. I typically keep a needle with my project (and, typically bring kits, which already have a needle, to work), so these are only “just in case” needles. The threader essential because I use a lot of threads from Dragonflylotus Designs Handspun Thread (one of the prizes is from Liz – her threads are wonderful!), and I find that it’s just easier to use a threader with¬†handspun threads.

Embroidery tools at work

At home, I have various sets tucked away with various WIPs. One of my favourite things is the needle case my sister-in-law made for me. She did an autumn colour theme on the front, which is wonderful because they live out East, where the autumn colours are stunning, and I live in Edmonton, where the autumn colours are typically a few shades of mustard covered in grey dust. It tends to house the majority of my needles (a mix of various needles, most of which came in kits).

Felt needle case

I also have two cases/containers. One is a lovely light blue case that holds my favourite scissors (the dark pinks ones) …

Starry needle case

… and the other is a small tin I converted by gluing a few magnetic strips to the lid. I hate to admit it, but I also always have a seam ripper close by. The one in the picture above is an old one that was my mother’s. It still works, so I refuse to throw it away.

DIY needle case

These are both great for travel, but I tend to take the latter as I can fit a bit more in it.

Two other essentials are hoops and graph paper. This is my favourite hoop. I don’t know why. I guess it’s just a good size and easy to use. I also have a small q-snap with extensions. The graph paper is something I found online (free to download, so, naturally, I didn’t keep the link to share). I don’t use it often, but I recently decided to alter a “virtues” cross stitch pattern to say something slightly less virtuous :)

Favourite hoop

Something else I have, but tend to only use as needed, is Thread Heaven (thread conditioner). I have discovered that it is a *must* when using Liz’s silk threads. Otherwise they get tangled and knot easily.

Last, but certainly not least, there’s my tray. It’s big enough to hold a few pens, lip balm, a catch-all bowl for things like threads and tools, and a cup of tea. These all live permanently on my ottoman. I also, typically, have at least one WIP on my ottoman and a few library books.

Stitching area

What tools do you use?

&Stitches tool kit competition

4 thoughts on “My embroidery tool kit

  1. I love your needle book — so pretty!

    I really need to get a good pair of scissors for embroidery. I keep just grabbing my folding scissors from my knitting bag, but they’re a little dull. Just fine for snipping yarn, but kind of a pain when I’m trying to snip a bit of thread precisely.


    • Oh, yes. I definitely recommend a good pait of pointy, sharp embroidery scissors. They are worth the money :)


  2. The needlebook is very pretty! I like it.

    I need to get a couple extra pairs of little embroidery scissors, I never seem able to find the ones I usually use (light pink, with a green sheathe – it’s amazing how many people who’ve entered this have those same scissors :D).

    I’ve never used thread heaven before, though I notice it’s very popular as well. I think I actually have some, I just never use it.


    • I think a lot of people have bought those pink scissors from Sublime Stitching :D

      I bought some as part of an intro kit, I think. Generally, I’m too lazy to use it (ditto for a lot of “musts” in embroidery), but I did find it invaluable, thought not a miracle, when I was stitching with some of Liz’s silk thread. Without it, the thread knotted up constantly, and I have no patience for that. I’m not convinced that you need it for regular thread (like DMC), but many would disagree with me.


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