Spring cross stitch

It finally feels like Spring. After a long weekend in the slightly warmer and more Spring-y Calgary and having not one, but several windows wide open for a few hours yesterday, I can’t help but feel like Spring is right around the corner … except that the forecast is calling for snow later this week :D

While in Calgary, I had intended to get some new linen and start working on a cross stitch that will involve this little bit of snarkiness:

For a #crossstitch project I'm doing this weekend. I think the bottom on is s winner!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the right fabric, so I worked on this gorgeous piece, instead. Despite the grey (which, let’s face it, is both gorgeous and very appropriate for the rainy months of Spring), which just feels like Spring and it put me even more in the optomistic Spring mood.

Done,  and loving it ♥ ! Ring Around the Posy kit by @chezsucrechez

The cross stitch is Chez-sucre-chez‘s Ring Around the Posy kit. If you aren’t already familiar with her kits, you must check her out. I am absoloutely in love with her designs and colour combos. I have a whole bunch of her kits, her Stay Gold bag, and I have a few more kits on my “when-you-are-done-the-others wish list :)

Maybe it’s because it reminds me of daffodils :)


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