I made a bunny for my niece (and one for my co-worker’s toddler). I bought the book 1,2,3 Sew ages ago (back when I first started sewing). I’ve read bits and pieces of it, started planning a few projects from it, but never actually sewn any of the patterns. Until this weekend, when I decided to take the weekend to do a bunch of projects. This bunny is super simple and can be done in an afternoon, if you don’t spend a lot of time doing extra embroidery around the heart (like I did). The book  also has matching puppets (which I plan to make at a later date) and a mouse (which can also be a pin cushion).

I decided to use vibrant spring colours: blue and purple for my niece and green and pink (as requested) for the other toddler. I started with some fabric I have from Lizzy House’s Hello Pilgrim collection, which I love because it’s fun, vibrant but not childish.

The bunnies were easy. So was the mouse, except that I was making it late on a work day, so I was too tired to notice when the fold in one ear came loose before I sewed it properly, so I will have to fix that later.

I also have a very cool pillow that I made with the same fabric collection last fall. I love the pillow, but it doesn’t really match anything else, so I’m going to dismantle it and turn it into a doll blanket to go with the bunny and mouse. Somehow, or another, I hope to get all of this done before next weekend.

Happy Chocolate Egg Eating Weekend!

The eyes are uneven, but I’m still pretty surprised with how well (smooth) they turned out:
Bunny face :)

Because these are for toddlers, I machine sewed the hearts and then embroidered just for decoration:
Appliqued and embroidered hearts.

The one in the back is for my niece, and the one in the front is for my co-worker’s daughter:
Two bunnies!  I just need to stitch them closed, and maybe add a bit of embroidery detsil to the blue one. Pattern from 1, 2, 3 Sew.

Bunny, and the pillow I plan to convert:
I might need to convert this pillow cover into a doll blanket for bunny.

Mouse, with one wonky ear:
Tried making a wee mouse, but one of the ears (left) got screwed up. This offers why you shouldn't stay up late to sew :/

2 thoughts on “Bunny

  1. These are cool, well done. I like how they are almost like little character pillows. Love the hearts too. I think you should make the mouse’s other ear fold down too, its more characterful! ;-)


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