New “+” quilt top

I haven’t sewn much in the past few months because I have been really busy with working on getting my fitness from zero to normal (for the record, it’s going really well – I’ve noticed *huge* improvements in my fitness and recovery time). I’ve hit that magic point where I want to keep working out, but I really miss having time to sew, stitch, read and do other fun things. So, after having a nice conversation with a co-worker (who I recently made some pillows for) and with her encouragement, I decided to alter my fitness plans to give myself more time for fun stuff. To kick start things, I decided to take a weekend off and do nothing but sewing projects. This past weekend I:

  1. Fixed my “quilt” wall: I have a flannel sheet hanging from 3M removable hooks on one wall. I pin sewing things to it. It was too big for the wall, so I finally got around to re-sizing it and adding hooks to the bottom so that it doesn’t blow around in the summer when I have windows open and my fan on. It was a small thing, but I’m glad to finally have it done.
  2. Re-sorted and re-prioritized a bunch of pending projects.
  3. Put away most of the fabric and such that I’ve had lying around for the past few weeks.
  4. Sewed this and this together to make a fun calendar towel for the kitchen (see below).
  5. Started working on making two bunny softies from the book 1,2,3 Sew: a pink and green one for a co-worker’s toddler and a blue and purple one for my wee niece. (I’ll do a separate post when they are done).
  6. Pulled out a few mini charm packs candy squares (2.5 in x 2.5 in) of Moda’s Comma, fabric collection I bought recently (on a whim, which I almost regretted, but the quilt top is awesome) and played with quilt top ideas. In the end, I made a neat “+” quilt top (see below). I need more black fabric to do a bit of a border around what I have and then I need to decide what to do for the back. But, hey, the top’s mostly done.
  7. Worked a bit on my Edward Gorey stitch-along piece (which probably won’t be finished until next weekend).

I also read a lot: I became disgusted with one book about a quarter of the way through it, stayed up late engrossed in another, and shock my head at the amusing ridiculousness of another. It was a good weekend.

My kitchen towel (I didn’t buy the best fabric, so it will mostly just be for wiping my hands, but it’s cute!):
Kitchen towel

My quilt top in progress:
Using some wee charms (2.5 by 2.5) for a wee project

I screwed up the top and bottom rows. Oops!:
Oops!  Screwed up both the top and the bottom rows. Gonna have supper,  then try and fix it before Earth hour

This is when I decided that I did not like the green border:
Nope!  I was going to do a green border,  but I don't like it. I think I'll stick with black, which means I need to go shopping.

How it looks so far:
"+" quilt top



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