Random things in downtown Edmonton

Last week we got a lot of snow and I had to walk around in it. On Wednesday, I walked over to a building on the far reaches of the edge of downtown (my employer owns/rents buildings all over the place, so I get to explore different parts of the downtown regularly). It was a relatively short walk and I wasn’t sauntering as I was on work time, but here’s a few random things I saw on the way to and from (all taken with the Retro Camera app, using The Barbl filter).

Creepy eye wall. This is only a small section of it. Some of the pictures creep me out everytime I see this wall.

Creepy wall of eyes

Churchill. He seems to be in every major city I’ve ever lived in (all two of them) and always near the library.


Yarn bombed tree. I bet this was really pretty before be subjected to the dirty, greasy downtown air.

Yarn bombed tree

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