Playing with black & white

I have a new(-ish) app on my phone: Retro Camera. It’s one of those hipster apps that takes pictures and adds filters to look like the pictures were taken with retro cameras. I have to admit that I absolutely love these kinds of apps. I love playing with the different styles/filters and I love the element of surprise (especially with the better apps that put in the effort to make every picture a wee bit different – which seems to be very rare). So far, I have been loving using this app (except for the unfortunately small viewing screen … on the other hand, it just means that there’s even more of an element of surprise as you’re never really sure you got what you planned to shoot).

I used the pinhole setting for last weeks Flick Friday challenge. I used the FudgeCan option this week, while heading home from work and out looking for a few pictures for this weeks Flick Friday challenge (this week the theme was #OutOfReach). I decided to take advantage of the fresh, bright white snow, the bright sun, and the black & white option. I’ve always meant to play with black & white, but just keep not getting around to it. I could post-process pictures into black & white, but it’s a bit more complicated than just making a picture grayscale (plus, I keep starting to learn Gimp, but getting bored and/or overwhelmed pretty quickly). So, I just set put with the intention of finding some interesting patterns and contrasts. My random pictures were far more interesting than the one I took for Flick Friday (it was the one that I shouldn’t have done in black & white). Here are some of my favourites. The rest can be found in my Black & white set or my Retro Camera set on Flickr.



Shadows on the rail

Shadows in the snow


2 thoughts on “Playing with black & white

    • Thanks :) I find a lot of black and white to be very pretentious. I just looked for interesting contrasts (light and shadow) without trying to be special or “bold”.


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