Flickr Friday: Walk 50 steps and shoot

I’m just not engaged in my attempt to do a photo a week. I think that part of the problem is that I didn’t make enough of an effort to think of some picture ideas before I started and I’ve been really busy, so I would forget to take pictures of things throughout the week. I defaulted to frantically taking pictures on the way home from work or randomly taking picture of anything I could think of when I happened to remember the project. It ended up being more stressful than fun and not the kind of challenge I was looking for, so I stopped after just 7 weeks (though, I did take pictures every week, so I could claim that I was still doing it).  I still wanted to do something, but I think that I prefer either going all out and doing a photo a day (like I did in November) or having a challenging aspect to it, like having to do a theme picked by someone else. Fortunately, I stumbled on Flickr Friday. They give you a theme each week, and you get a few days (the weekend, really) to take a picture and submit it to the group. There’s no pressure to do it every week and no guarantee that you’re picture will be accepted, but it gives me something to work on. I may not do it every week, or I may do it but not submit anything. It’ll just be something fun to do.

The March 8th, 2013 theme was: Walk 50 Steps And Shoot. I took this as literally taking a picture after walking 50 steps, though I suppose it could be a dual as well :) I did a bit of a walk along the River Valley, as I did a few errands and until my cell phone battery died. I started 50 steps into the start of Victoria Promenade and I used a new (to me) app, Retro Camera, with the pinhole option. I wandered down a set of stairs, accidentally pissed off some squirrels, hit 50 steps in or near the middle of a street a couple times, got in trouble with a grocery store employee, found out my cell phone doesn’t like to focus in the dark, and had countless pictures that could have been better if I’d been able to take a few steps to frame the subject better. You can see the full set here, or just enjoy these few random ones.

1: Curved

8: Flutter-copters

14: Guard rail

21: Half red

22: Old, dead grass

37: Lights 2

46: Broccoli

56: Easter glitter globes

62: Branches by street light

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