Weekend walk

Well, March decided to throw us for a loop right away. We were having lovely weather, the sidewalks were almost clear of ice, and the sun was shining. Then it rained, got colder, and snowed on top of that frozen rain. Fun times! The good news is that it wasn’t much (Edmonton is fairly dry – our version of raining all day is off and on sprinkles) and a lot of it cleared up off the sidewalks after a few hours in the sun on Sunday.

I, of course, didn’t wait for it to clear up. Instead, I just went for a walk with my trusty IceGrippers. And, boy was I glad to have them. I went down along the trail and it was pretty gross. What wasn’t smooth ice was either snow hiding ice or deep ruts and such in ice. It wasn’t too bad with the IceGrippers, but I think it could have been really annoying if I’d been in a rush. The joggers I saw? Braver than I am!

After walking along the trail, I walked through a bit of downtown to get a few small errands done.



Oldie, but goodie

Corner view

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