C to I

I am participating in the Year of Specialty Stitches Stitch Along, hosted by Dragonflylotus Design Handspun Thread.

I’m a little ahead of the game. We’re only supposed to be on “D”, but I’ve been really enjoying this project, despite continually screwing up the borders (because, apparently I can’t count), so I’m all the way to “I”. I think I might take a little break and work on another project for a week, but learning all these new stitches and working with these fabulous threads (this, but I replaced the pink with light blue) has been a real treat.

Instead of bombarding you with every new letter, here’s a over-all picture and a few highlights:

A to I

It’s going to look so awesome when it’s done! The blobs next to the “H” are heart shaped. It’s hard to tell because, as you can see from the close-ups, I’m using a lovely rough and uneven linen, so sometimes the stitching looks a bit wonky (though, I prefer to think of it as rustic).


This is one of my favourites, so far. I love the colour combo and the letter design. Also, this specialty stitch (basic darning done in a fun pattern) is fab!


I love the eyelets (above). They’re simple and still pack a punch. Also, the “E” is adorably squashed.


When I first started working on the specialty stitch for “I” (Italian crosses), I have to admit that I was a bit bummed at how boring they seemed, but I really like the final effect. You can’t see it very well in this picture, but there’s a border along the top and the side closest to the letter. Also, it’s weird that the border and letter colours look so similar in every picture I took. They’re different, I swear. The letter colour is a reddish purple and the border colour is a deep brick.


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