Cheery winter?

I’m feeling unusually cheery considering the time of year (the dreaded dark and dreary Edmonton winter months). This is mostly because all of my walking (to and from work) has meant that I’m noticing that the daylight hours are getting longer. In the past, I just wasting my brain on being bored staring at people’s backs on a crowded bus. I’ve been trying to catch the sunset on the way home on Fridays (I need to take a longer route to actually see the sunset, as opposed to just catching glimpses of it through the buildings). Seeing it (combined with the relaxation of taking a walk through the bird filled trails) does me a world of good. This morning I noticed that I’m starting to see the sunrise, as well. It does mean that I need to be prepared for those few weeks where I will be blinded by the sunrising directly ahead of me, but I’m OK with that.

Is that sunlight behind those clouds? Yep! Finally starting to see bits of sunrise as I walk to work. Yay!

My cheeriness is also because I had my window open for a few hours on the weekend, thanks to some unusually warm weather. It was pretty wonderful being able to air out the apartment.

5/52: Open window

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