River Valley trail

There’s a really great trail on the North side of the River Valley. It’s not too long, it’s quiet, despite all the roads and housing that close by, and it has a great view. Now that the days are getting longer, I can catch the tail end of the sunset if I make my way straight to the top of this trail, and then I can meander along the trail enjoying the view, wondering why the heck I haven’t joined all the cross country skiers enjoying the golf course, and listening to the birds. It’s also a great workout (even if I really do just meander along) because it has quite the  incline at either end. I walked along it on Friday after work, which was a really great start to the weekend and something that I want to try and do each Friday. I also hiked along it on Saturday, but it was a hard walk as I had already walked quite a bit (I’d walked about 8km by the time I got home) and it was usually warm (I actually had to remove my coat for a while to cool off).

4/52: Glow

From earlier today. It's a surprisingly quiet little oasis, considering the fact that the rail on the far left is 109th Street (very busy)


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