Protecting my fabric from the sun

This year, I finally got around to buying some much needed shelving. Because I love plants and live in a North-East facing apartment, I decided to put my shelves next to a window that gets lots of sun. In the winter, it gets about 2 hours of low sun, but in the summer, it’s bombarded with sun from high in the sky. My plants love it, but I worried about the fabric in the bins on the bottom shelves. Even though the bins are a “perfect” fit and the shelf is pretty close to the wall, I know that the bin’s contents get exposed to the sun. This is a problem, because I keep a lot of fabric in them, and I don’t want the fabric to fade.


So, I took some inexpensive fabric and added a bit of a sun shield. It’s not perfect and some light still gets through, but, for the most part, my fabric is not exposed to direct light any more.



The best part is, I only had to do it to the bottom shelves. The top shelves are full of books and things that can handle some sun. So, I still have the look of open shelves, even though the bottom ones are closed off.

The rest of my fabric lives in bins against a wall, which shields it from the sun.


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