Doctoring pre-fab food

Sometimes this girls is just too lazy to eat anything fancier than toast. So, I try to have a few pre-fab things in my cupboard so that I’m eating more than just toast. Yummy, yummy toast. With Adam’s peanut butter. Mmmm.

One of my more recent discoveries are noodle soups, which I found at Planet Organic. They aren’t fancy and they don’t look very filling, but they are quick and easy to prepare. So, last weekend, after a nice long walk, I decided to doctor one and make it a proper meal.

Udon soup is boring by itself

I’m sure people add things to these basic soups all the time, but I got the inspiration after remembering the kids being fed noodle soup with ham in the movie Ponyo (a must see, if you haven’t watched it yet). I don’t eat ham (I never liked ham), but I had a hard boiled egg and some nice green veggies. I also had a delicious green onion cake (so good, but so bad for you).

Pimped-out udon soup

It turned out really well. Yes, the pre-fab soup was a bit salty, but adding the broccoli and egg were brilliant. The pea shots didn’t really go with the soup that well, but I ate them first, so it didn’t really matter. The freeze dried toppings that came with the soup included green onion, but I’m glad I added fresh green onion. All in all, it made a nice meal and I’m definitely going to remember to do this the next time I’m feeling lazy or in need of pre-fab food.


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