A sunrise walk …

… also known as, a harsh reminder of how much I don’t know about using a real camera properly … especially after a year of neglecting it.

I was determined to stay home on Saturday. But, I looked out the window as the sky started to change colour and … I don’t know what came over me. All the sudden I was tearing on clothes, grabbing the bare minimum and running out the door to take a few pictures of the sunrise.

Foolish me, I honestly thought that I wouldn’t venture more than a few blocks, so I didn’t take my purse (which has my wallet, a hanky, a water bottle, etc.) and I neglected to grab a scarf. Big mistake! I ended up wandering down a trail and found myself 2k away from home with a frozen chin and neck (fortunately, I had the brains to take off one of my shirts and use it as a scarf – it probably looked ridiculous, but it worked).

I’d also neglected to take a tripod, which was pretty dumb, considering I would be shooting  in low light. I think I assumed I’d just aim at the brightening sky and the rising sun, but I should have known better, because I always want to take lots of pictures. I tried playing with my settings and holding my camera steady (even leaning on things for support), but the harsh truth is that I never really learned how to use my camera properly and I’d forgotten almost everything I did know. I don’t have an issue with shooting with the automatic setting (hey, I’m not trying to be a professional and I’m generally more interested in the content, then the technical details), but I do think that my pictures would be far superior if I at least knew the basics. And, remembered to bring my tripod. So, sometime in the next few months, I’m going to start re-reading my manual and learning how to use my camera again.

In the meantime, enjoy the few pictures that turned out well enough to share. There are more on Flickr (look for pictures taken on January 6th, 2013).

Also, this is not going to stop me from going for random walks/hikes, but I think that I will make a point to always err on the side of caution and take everything I need with me. Which means that I’d better make sure my camera bag with well stocked with gear, bus tickets, and granola bars.







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