New Year’s Eve sunset

I had a pretty good New Year’s Eve.

Things were quiet and relaxed at work. We got off early enough for me to be able to go to the library, the post office, a drug store, and a grocery store and still have time to catch the sunset. I had a great walk while doing all my errands (nearly 4km and fairly leisurely). I was blinded by the glorious shinning sun many times as itcreeped towards the horizon (this is a wonderful thing because, at this time of year, I’m lucky if I see the sun at all). It was even warm enough (just) to stand out and watch the sunset set for a full glorious half hour (I was pretty chilled by the time I went indoors, but not frozen).

Pictures spanning about 20 minutes

It wasn’t the most spectacular sunset I’ve ever seen, but it’s always nice to catch it in the winter. Right now, it sets at the same time I leave work and it sets far to the south over the bend of the Saskatchewan River. So, I usually miss it, but it’s in one of the best places to see, so it’s pretty fabulous when I can catch it.

I’ve mentioned it before, but it always amazes me when I realize how much the sun moves in the sky. I don’t know for sure, but it looks like it  moves a full 90 degrees, from about North West in the summer to about South West in the winter). I’m sure that the sun moves almost the same amount in Nova Scotia, but I guess I never really noticed it because we have hills and things to block the sunset and sunrise, so I was never really sure where it was (except at the family cottage, where it sets over the water).

Anyway, after the wonderful sunset (which put me in a marvelous mood), I just had a quiet evening. I was going to stay up to midnight, incase there were fireworks (sometimes I can see them form my apartment window), but I gave up at about 11:30PM.

I hope everyone had a great New Year and that 2013 is wonderful.

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