Gift for a friend

As mentioned in a previous post, I made a second Gingermelon Man ornament for a friend. I’ve been a bit of a slacker when it comes to exchanging cards with her this past year, so I decided to make up for it by doing something handmade for Christmas, and who can resist these guys?!

Made another gingerbread man #ornament (pattern by Gingermelon @ etsy) #Christmas

I then made a gift bag with this awesome Christmas sweater ribbon (purchased form The Crafty Room):


And, a mini bag for a cheesy little magnet I bought for her when I visited the Muttart Conservatory a couple of weeks ago (yeah, I went all the way to the Muttart, and all I got her was a crappy fridge magnet … that’s the kind of jokester friend I am, ha ha!). Here’s a shot of just the gift bags:


Here’s the cheesy magnet and all the confetti I included (confetti that she’d put in with my gifts):


And, because I’d been a slacker with exchanging cards this year, I sent her 2 Christmas cards in the mail, and them made her a bonus dollar store / office supplies card to include with the gift. Here’s the front:


Here’s the inside:


I think one of the things I like most about this friend is that she’ll appreciate the humour of the gift. I like people who enjoy cheesy things. It makes gift giving so much more fun.

My next gift for her is a pillow cover (which she requested). I’m going to make a second Linked Pillow, but in solids (a berry purple, a dark lavender, and ivory or off white – to match her bedroom).

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