Cross stitch pear tree ornament

I made a cross stitch pear tree ornament as a gift this year. I started it last winter (in February?), when I was still learning, so some of it is a bit rough, but it’s pretty. It’s based on the Little House Needleworks Pear Tree ornament from 2010 (I just took out all the extra stuff, because I thought the pear tree was prettier without the alphabet all around it).

This is the front:

Pear tree #cross #stitch based on a Little House Needlework pattern called All Dolled Up

Then, I did this on the back:

#cross #stitch #hearts

And, this is what it looked like when I finished it:



On a related note, Little House Needleworks has a sheep (virtues) series coming out this year. It looks like it might be really cute and I think Liz, of Dragonfly Lotus Handspun Threads, is planning to do them with her wonderful threads. I can’t wait to see the finished pieces. I was considering doing them, too, but I have a few other projects I want to do before adding anything new to my very long list (including 2 very awesome projects with Liz’s threads).

2 thoughts on “Cross stitch pear tree ornament

  1. Not only will I be stitching them in my wool semi-solids, I will be offering thread packs! I will have to try and tempt you with them :)


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