Bailey Bear

… or, as I call it, Wonky Bear (because it’s a bit wonky).

Wendy, of Shiny Happy World, has a bunch of cute patterns and tutorials. I’ve already made her bunny softie pattern (see here), and I’ve been meaning to make her Bailey Bear for ages.

Well, my immediate team at work does a small gift exchange, mostly just because we’re all nice and like each other. The problem is that I suck at gift giving because I get very anxious about what to give other people. I’d randomly found something for one person, but I had no idea what to get the newer co-worker. We get along, but we are so completely different from each other (she’s an ambitious, girly, well-dressed mom … I’m none of the above!). I did have one idea, but I couldn’t find the item in question. So, I started to stress out and finally just gave myself license to cheat: I made something for her daughter. This is not something I’m in favour of doing. A person is not defined by their kids, so they should get gifts for themselves, not their kids. But, I was really at a loss about what to do. So, I caved.

Anyway, I decided to make her a wee Bailey Bear for her daughter. I had some lovely soft corderoy and some fun pink dots that I knew would be perfect for the project. I started by personalizing it with a bit of embroidery (“V” is the child’s first name’s initial):


I didn’t notice that the heart was a bit uneven until I finished it, so I just added a few daisies, which I think make it extra pretty:


I hand embroidered the face, but machine stitched the belly panel fabric on (fortunately, I happened to have matching threads):


And, here it is:


Not bad. I may make another sometime, and I definitely want to use corduroy for stuffies in the future. I love the texture.

Edit: The recipient tells me that her daughter loved it and that the small size was perfect for her because she could hold it easily. I believe that I will make a few more of these for other kids I know.

2 thoughts on “Bailey Bear

  1. That’s completely adorable!

    Getting gifts for co-workers can be so HARD – I tend to default to fancy or weird chocolates (at least if I know someone likes chocolate…).


    • Me, too. But in this case, I knew that the recipient was watching what they ate, so I thought it might be unfair :)


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