Gingerbread men ornaments

I’m not usually into super cutesy stuff, but I cannot resist the call of adorable felt doll and ornament patterns by Shelly, of Gingermelon. I’ve made some things from her patterns before (like this slightly modified witch and this zombie which I made using a doll pattern of hers), so I was pretty excited to try her wee Gingermelon Man pattern. I was especially eager because I finally bought some safety eyes, which she uses in her patterns.

Safety eyes are a pain in the arse to use, but they look cute and at least I now know first hand that no child could easily take one apart enough to remove it and choke on it.

Safety eyes are a PAIN IN THE ARSE to install, but my gingermelon man is looking cute! @gingermelongirl

My first attempt was completely mostly during my breaks at work.

Normal people use their morning break to get a coffee. I use mine to stitch wee #Christmas #ornaments

And, he looked super cute with this quick tree I made up on the fly. They were the gifts I contributed to our office gift exchange. The person who got them told me that her girls loved the gingerbread man so much, they wanted to keep him as part of their doll collection :)

I made 2 #ornaments for our office gift exchange. A little part of me wants to keep them. #cute

The second one I made is my favourite, because he looks a little more Christmasy with the red and green. I made him for a friend. I should probably try and remember to make the smile smaller, like in her pattern, as this big grin looks a little demented :D

Made another gingerbread man #ornament (pattern by Gingermelon @ etsy) #Christmas

And, not I’m working on making a few Santa ornaments from her free tutorial, which you can find here

Making #Santa #ornaments (pattern by Gingermelon)

Added bonus: She’s Canadian, and I like to try and support my fellow citizens when I can.

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