Christmas tree ornaments

I have a lot of Christmas tree ornaments from when I was a kid. Most of them are hand made by a friend of the family or crafters who sold their goods in Christmas markets. I have a few favourites, and many that are treasured for sentimental reasons. Unfortunately, I’m finding that I’m getting bored with a lot of them, mostly because they either aren’t particularly special (despite my sentimental attachment to them) or very Christmasy. Not to say that all my ornaments need to be Christmasy, but parrots, flamingos, and other tropical things just aren’t my kind of Christmas ornament. They make for a lovely and colourful Christmas tree (see below), but they just aren’t me.


So this year, I’ve started to weed them. I’ll keep most of them, but I’m going to move them out of my Christmas decorations box and into a separate box for keepsakes (at least until I feel comfortable with giving them away or find another use for them).  So far I have kept the (somewhat) Christmasy felt ornaments (a penguin, a teddy bear, an elf and a ballerina mouse) and all of the craft fair ornaments that are still in good condition (a few have broken pieces or are getting a bit worn). It’s kind of nice to see mostly just my favourites on the tree. And, I do like how it looks when it’s a bit sparse, but I think that I prefer to have a tree full of wonders. So, I’ve decided to collect some new ornaments.


Last year I bought some Christmas NŌMs (gnomes). This year I’ve picked a few new ornaments from Canadian crafsters, including a beaver and bear duo and some tinsel made of tin (I just hung the coloured tinsel, this year).

Yay! My *TIN*sel arrived! Made by #Canadian company Pietersma Tinworks. #Christmas #decorations

I’m also waiting for the arrival of a polar bear and pretty wooden ornament. Plus: I have a cross stitch ornament that I received as a bonus in an order I made recently; I’m practising making some 3D stars (see below), so I can add a few to the tree; and I plan to find a few more glass balls (I may even paint a few like I did for a gift a few years ago). I haven’t decided yet, but I may also switch to coloured LED lights, because I like colours!

My first 3-D / Moravian star. No idea why one point is white.

I also plan to make a simple tree skirt with some red and green fabric I have laying around, a few felt ornaments for myself (perhaps a gingerbread person and an owl). And, unless I can find something better, I may even bite the bullet and make a tree topper for myself (so far, this is my favourite idea).

Made another gingerbread man #ornament (pattern by Gingermelon @ etsy) #Christmas


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