Day 25: Christmas

I’m doing a photo challenge for the month of November, despite it being from August 2011, I’ve decided to use this list for my daily prompts.

I’m supposed to take a picture with a sunflare today, but there’s a severe lack of sun. Also, with the forecast we have and the fact that I have to work all week, I doubt I’d have the time to get out for a good sunflare picture before the end of the month. So, instead of swapping prompts with another day, I just decided to make up something. Every one’s talking Christmas and some are already decorating (maybe because it’s just a month away?). Me? I’m still trying to figure out where I’ll be able to fit my tree, as I have limited space. But, I have a gorgeous tropical plant which is already decorated for Christmas by having lovely red, white, and green leaves.

I have a #plant that's already decorated for Christmas by virtue of being red, white, and green. #photochallenge

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