How low can you go?

I’ve lived in Canada all my life and in Edmonton (the most northern city in North America with a population over a million … though, there are many cities that are much further North than we are) for the past 6 and a half years.

I also love science and understand the reasons why we have seasons, varying amounts of day light, etc.

Despite this, I continue to be in awe of things like how quickly it gets dark here in the winter, how my work day is longer then the hours of daylight we get on the shortest day of the year (about 7.5 hours of daylight), how much the trajectory of the sun changes, etc.

Surprisingly, this is the first picture I’ve taken with the soul purpose of trying to illustrate how low the sun is at this time of year. This was taken near mid-day (11:45AM) in mid-November. This is as high as the sun gets and this is why living in a North-facing basement apartment (like I did a few years ago) is a really bad idea if you have any love for the sun. I still live in a North-facing apartment, but this time I live on the 9th floor and have big windows on the East side as well. So, I may not get a huge amount of sun in the winter (I think I timed it to be about 2 hours of sun shining in my windows at a steep angle during the shortest days*), but I can see lots of daylight and I can watch see the sunrise when it’s not obscured by the buildings to my East.  It’s not much, but at least it makes me feel like I’m not living in a dark dungeon :-)

*This is why I keep most of my plants pressed right up against the North corner of an Eastern window. Otherwise, they wouldn’t get any direct sun at all.

High noon, low sun

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