Day 18: In my bag

I’m doing a photo challenge for the month of November, despite it being from August 2011, I’ve decided to use this list for my daily prompts.

Curses, I completely forgot to do this yesterday.

The minute I saw this prompt, I laughed because I could only imagine that the person who thought of it probably has a snazzy purse with “normal” girl things in it and not much else. Then there’s me. I own purses, but typically only use them when going to meetings in other buildings (i.e., I only use them for work). I dislike shopping, so when I go, I intend to do a lot all at once. Also, I don’t have a car, so I go by foot on bus. Because of this, I hate having lots of bags and try to only buy as much as will fit in my backpack.

And, because I like to be prepared and my backpack holds a surprisingly huge amount of stuff, this is what I carry on a typical day: my lunch and snacks, a water bottle, a re-usable grocery bag, an “emergency” snack (usually nuts) for long walks, hand creme, a pill container with at least some Advil, my head phones, gum, a pen, my day planner, my wallet, a watch that I keep meaning to get a new battery for, a re-purposed Body Shop creme container holding bobby pins to pull my hair back (and 2 safety pins, for reasons I can’t remember), an umbrella (it never rains here, but I’m a Maritimer so I feel like I should always have one with me), my YakTraxs (for walking on slippery ice and snow) in a baggy so they don’t get everything else dirty, the jeans and top I wore while walking to work (I bring work clothes to change into), and I typically have a book or some library books. If I’m not wearing them, I also always have hat and mitts in my bag. I often also have my camera, but I haven’t been carrying it around with me lately as I decided to do this month long photo challenge exclusively on my cell phone.

Obviously I carry a bit less when heading out for errands or walks onthe weekend (I dan’t take a lunch or extra clothes).

This is why purses are useless to me. #photochallenge

And, because I am a firm believer in always being prepared and not having to run to the mall every time I want tea, or a throat lozenge, or whatever, I also have two drawers at work full of useful things:

Drawer #1: a big wool sweater, odds and ends of snack food (raisins, rice chips, peanuts), throat lozenges and gum, travel tea mugs and a large water bottle (not shown, as I was already using it), a bowl, some coloured pens (hidden under the sweater), and a cosmetic bag full of essentials, like hair elastics and hair pins, deodorant, face creme (a must after walking in cold, dry winds), nail clippers, etc.

Drawer of stuff at work #1

Drawer #2: tea, cell phone charging cord, tea, utensils (hidden under tea), lip balm, tea, cloth napkins, tea, hand creme, tea, dental floss, tea, cold medication (I had a cold last week), tea, gum, tea, and back-up tea bags (the kind that are empty for use with loose-leaf tea, in case I forget my loose-leaf tea infuser mug at home).


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