Muttart Conservatory

I recently visited the Muttart Conservatory. It’s an interesting concept: there are 4 pyramid shaped domes that house 4 different biomes (arid, tropical, temperate and a feature display which changes a couple times a year), but having been to a number of bigger conservatories, I was a bit underwhelmed. In fact, I was quite disappointed by the feature dome. The current display is Cornucopia of Colour:

The “Cornucopia of Colour” will feature a fall harvest of the warm colours of chrysanthemums. Visitors will marvel at the cornucopia located at the centre of the pyramid that will be spilling out with a bounty of colour and seasonal abundance.

It was nice, but it was nothing I couldn’t have seen by visiting any decent garden centre a few weeks earlier in the season. It had lots of run-of-the-mill chrysanthemums and some odds and ends of harvest displays (pumpkins, scarecrows, dried vegetation, etc.). Some of the colour combinations were pretty, and I did take a few pictures, but I was a bit bored with it.

The temperate dome was closed for maintenance (which is fine, because they gave visitors a 25% discount). The arid and tropical domes were quite nice. Despite being small, they had a good variety of plants. I found myself particularly drawn to patterns and colour combinations. I’m not sure if this is because of the quilting I do or just because I’ve seen all those same plants many times before.

I only had my cell phone with me because I hadn’t intended on being on visiting (I just happened to be there and had time to kill). Despite my disappointment with the feature dome, I would like to go back with a proper camera. It’s really hard to get good pictures with a brilliant sun glaring in the background. Plus, let’s face it, I’ll be able to get much better pictures with my dSLR. I’m told that some of the feature displays are very nice, but you have to pick ones that are unique or interesting to you. The next feature will be poinsettias … I think I’ll skip that one and wait for the 2013 schedule.

These are a few of my favourite pictures that I took while I was there. You can see the rest on Flickr.






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