Day 12: Close-up

I’m doing a photo challenge for the month of November, despite it being from August 2011, I’ve decided to use this list for my daily prompts. 

So, I forgot to post this yesterday because I was busy getting some work done. Then I slacked off today because I went for a big ol’ hike/wander around parts of Edmonton.

Anyway, I bought an Easy Macro Lens Band from Photojojo ages ago, and then promptly forgot about it, until I saw that I had to do a close-up for today. I love macro, so when I’m asked to do a close-up, I tend to err on the side of macro pics. And, let me tell you, this wonder-band is awesome. I had so much fun with it and I’m definitely going to carry it with me at all times so I can play with it again, and again, and again. All I need now is a cell phone tri-pod and portable light source.

For today’s picture I picked a close-up of a wee (0.5 x 1 inch) geode. Following that are pics of an earring, another part of the geode, and a plant stem (with a grow light as a back drop – grow lights are necessities in the winter when you get this far North).

Geode close-up #photochallenge #macro #geode




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