Day 4: Favourite colour

I’m doing a photo challenge for the month of November, despite it being from August 2011, I’ve decided to use this list for my daily prompts.

I hate it when people ask me what my favourite colour is. Why do I have to choose just one? I love most colours. I even love some versions of the few colours I claim to dislike (I’m looking at you, orange and yellow). For most of my life, I claimed that blues were my favourites (first navy, later indigo). Now, I can’t pick just one or even one group of colours. My preferences tend to fall in the blues, teals, and greens and I typically prefer rich jewel tones over others. But, I don’t have a favourite.

While trying to decide how to capture my favourite colours, I happened to be sorting some fabric and found myself drawn to this lovely collection of solids I have in my stash.

Some of my favorite #colours . #photochallenge

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