Photo challenge for November

I have at least one friend/fellow blogger who’s participating in NaBloPoMo (where you write a new blog post every single day) and I admitted to her that I’d thought about participating  at some point. But, I just can’t ever seem to get around to trying. Heck, even when I do have something to say, my blog posts can be sparse and sporadic. I have other friends who’ve done things like the year long photo-a-day challenges. I’m not sure I can commit to a whole year … but, it occurred to me that I might be able to commit to a month. So, instead of trying to write a blog post everyday, I’m going to try a month long photo challenge.

To make it easier (and increase the likelihood of success), I’m going to be lazy and use my cell phone, which I have on me at all times. I browsed through a few photo challenge lists and found a couple of potentials, including this 2011 one, which focuses on gratitude. I really like the gratitude one, and maybe I will do it some day, but I ended up choosing that was mentioned in the description of the gratitude photo challenge: joy in every little thing‘s August 2011 photo challenge. I don’t know why this one interested me the most, but I like it. It seems to be a nice balance between things that will be easy-peasy, things that will be a challenge and things that I can play with if I have time.

There’s at least one I’m going to have to think about or be creative with: #5 Someone I love. All the people I love the most are in a different city. The closest are a 3 hour drive away. Most of them are at least a 4 hour flight away. I’ll have to find a way of representing them in a picture. The rest of them are ones that I’m going to try and avoid thinking about too much until that day.

I’ll post  all of them here, including my first one, which I will post shortly.

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