I had a nice little vacation, recently, and I spent the majority of the time in Ottawa visiting my family.

Ottawa has a grocery store chain called Farm Boy and in Farm Boy, there’s a animatronic boy who sings about food. It’s very silly, and a little creepy:
Farm Boy

My brother bought some fun halloween decorations for my niece to play with – she loved the squishy, sticky feel of them:

It was Canadian Thanksgiving. I don’t eat meat, so we made some yummy hummus (which I also used for great sandwiches all week). Please note that I added a little garnish of cilantro, made to look like a maple leaf (I love doing cheesy things like that):

I had a chance to visit with a dear friend of mine from high school. I haven’t seen her YEARS and I finally got to meet her lovely husband. While visiting with her, we had a short walk along the Rideau Canal. The fall colours in Ottawa are spectacular (Edmonton friends, our fall colours are plain boring and drab compared¬†to what Ottawa gets):
Rideau Canal

My sister-in-law and I are crafty, so we made salt dought ornaments (I’ll post more about them later) while the wee niece napped:
Making salt dough ornaments

My brother helped me make a thread spool holder (something else I’ll post more about later) and those fools allowed me to use power tools without adult supervision! I’m happy to report that I still have all my fingers:
Cutting dowel

Other then spending loads of time with my darling niece, that pretty much sums up my visit. It was grand and I wish I could have stayed longer.

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