Painted frames

I have a bunch of boring frames and I decided to make some of them prettier. A few months ago, I remember seeing some really nice black frames with gold corners on a design blog post, and I thought that something like that would look pretty swanky. I have a bunch of metallic powder (which you mix with paint) and a few things that would look good with a bit of metallic (some Gustav Klimt prints, one of which has a lot of gold in it, and some Katie Daisy prints, which have bits of an interesting brown that happened to be very similar to one of my metallic powders).

Here are the boring frames (yawn!):
4 boring picture frames

I sanded them:
Sanded picture frames

I then painted them black and let them dry. Then I marked off the corners with masking tape and mixed my metallic powder with a glossy varnish:
Metallic powder

The paint was hard to work with (either very thin or too gloppy), so I had to do several coats to make them smooth and pretty:
Painting in progress

The masking tape didn’t do a great job, so I had to do some touch ups:
Needs a few touch-ups

I then gave the frames a few thin coats of the varnish. They look great!:

Painted picture frames

Painted picture frames

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