Devonian Botanical Gardens

A couple of weeks ago, a grad school friend drove all the freaking way from BC for a wee visit. I thought I’d share a bit of our random wanderings.

Contrary to what I thought when I first heard of the Devonian Botanical Gardens, it has nothing to do with the Devonian Period, often known as the Age 0f the Fish, and everything to do with the fact that it’s near Devon, AB (neat fact, the Devonian Period was also named after a place called Devon, but not Devon, AB).  We drove down to DBG after having brunch and a visit with another classmate. It just so happened that there was a fruit growers of Alberta event happening in the park, so we had a chance to stop and sample dozens of different varieties of apples and other random fruit (pears, plums, elderberries, cherries, etc.). The DBG is pretty cool, but it wasn’t the best time of year to go (a lot of plants were looking a bit worn and a lot of the plots were looking a bit rough after a long summer). The enclosed gardens (butterflies, arid plants, etc.) were pretty cool. Especially the butterflies: there were tonnes of them and I had two land on me (briefly).

Here are a few pictures:







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